Flower Box Ideas and How to Build a Flower Box

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Flower boxes usually have a width of 1 foot or less than 2 feet. The length of a flower box usually ranges between 1 to 2 meters.

The size depends on the place where they need to be installed.

Flower boxes are usually installed outside the windows. But they are also used for lining the patios, steps, decks, porches and sidewalks.

Flower boxes are installed outside the windows with the help of flower box holders or wall brackets.  Flower box holders are made of metals like iron.

Traditional flower boxes are made of wooden planks. Softwoods like Scots Pine are used for making such traditional flower boxes. Nowadays, flower boxes are made of different materials. Modern flower boxes are usually made of plastic. However, you can also find boxes made of wood as well as metal.

Window Flower Box

Flower boxes installed outside the windows are also known as window boxes.

Flower boxes are used mainly to plant flowering plants. However, they are also used for planting herbs and plants that are used for culinary activities.

Flower boxes can be installed outside your bedroom, hall or kitchen windows. These boxes can also be used to plant herbs and fruit-bearing plants. Small plants that bear leaves and fruits used for cooking can be planted in flower boxes installed outside the kitchen windows.

You need not plant any plants directly into your flower box. You can use the box to place your small flower pots. In this way you will be able to manage each plant individually.

Flower boxes can also be used in lawns to grow small flower-bearing plants. They can also be used for growing plants that are used for fencing. One of the benefits of planting inside a flower box is that it prevents the soil from eroding.

Flower boxes are used in small gardens where there is scarcity of space. Using flower boxes in your lawn can help you to save lot of space. Thus, you can have more plants within a small area.

Flower boxes have small holes across its bottom. Through these holes excess water gets drained out.  These holes also facilitate air supply.

window flower boxes

Ideal Plants For Your Flower Pot Gardening

African Violets

African violets are flowering plants that come in different varieties. These plants need a humid climate. You can plant them during summers but take special care and water them well. They are an evergreen variety that gives flowers throughout the year.


Anthuriums are very attractive and they are always in demand. They are of different colors and varieties. They need a humid atmosphere, bright sunlight and good moisture. They also need a rich soil so make sure that you mix some organic fertilizer with the soil when you plant this variety.


Begonias are a perfect plant for places that are less sunny. They come in different types. You can find bushy begonias as well as trailing ones. Their flowers are very attractive. They do not require much fertilizer. All they need is water. So water them every day and they will make your flower boxes quite admirable.


Orchids are one of the most popular plant varieties that are perfect for flower boxes as well as gardens. Moth orchid is one of the popular varieties that you can plant in your flower boxes or pots. You can find this orchid quite easily in your locality. This orchid comes in different varieties and the color of the flowers varies for each of them. Orchids can be easily grown in a flower pot and they give lots of flowers.  Their flowers last for 2 to 3 months and they bloom only twice in a year.

Vanda Orchids

Vanda Orchids are quite popular. They come in different varieties. The most popular ones give pink and purple flowers. They give flowers every 2 to 3 months and their flowers last nearly for a month. You need not water these plants daily. They require less water. Water them thrice in a week and they can easily flourish.


Basil is one of the greatest herbs known to mankind. This amazing plant has very tiny flowers. They smell great and their leaves have rare and rich medicinal values. You can use the leaves for treating insect bites and skin allergies. Its leaves can also be used to treat cough and cold. Boil a bunch of leaves in water and drink the water for getting quick relief from cold and cough. Eating raw basil leaves is also a good remedy for anxiety disorder. Basil is an evergreen plant and all it requires is water. So water it twice in a day and that’s it.  Basil comes in two different varieties. You need to plant the one which has darker leaves. The other one with light green leaves have less medicinal value.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a popular herb which forms the base for 80% of the cosmetics available in the market. You can plant Aloe Vera in your flower box. They do not have a stem and the leaves start growing directly from the roots. You can use Aloe Vera for making face packs and scrubs. They contain lots of essential elements that are good for your skin and scalp. You can use Aloe Vera jell for washing your hair. Aloe Vera can stop hair fall and increase the volume of your hair.


Evergreen is a great variety of creeper which has beautiful leaves that spread all over. Their leaves are used everywhere for making bouquets and flower baskets. Their leaves remain green throughout the year and hence they are known as Evergreen.  Different species of evergreens are available and you should buy the ones that you like most.

Blue Star

Blue star is an amazing creeper that gives little, blue, star-shaped flowers in abundance. It blossoms during the summer months. In the spring time the plant doesn’t bloom but the leaves remain intact. Include this amazing variety of creeper in your flower box if you wish to create a great sight for the onlookers.


Lilies are always a great choice for your flower boxes. They require four to five inch of soil and they easily survive in different weather conditions. Lilies come in different colors and the orange ones are quite beautiful.


Hibiscus is a flowering plant that comes in different types. Common hibiscus gives red colored flowers but there are other species that give rose and white colored flowers. Hibiscus is also an herb which can be used as a natural hair conditioner. You can crush its leaves and flower and apply it on your hair for getting a smooth and silky hair.


Bougainvillaea is an amazing flowering plant that gives plenty of colorful flowers. It grows well if you plant it in your garden. However, if you plant it in a flower box it would still grow and give flowers but the size would be a bit smaller. They come in different varieties and the popular types are the ones that give pink and white flowers.

As you see there are endless varieties of flowering plants and creepers that you can grow in your flower box garden. All you need is some patience so that you can wait until your plants start giving flowers. Wherever you place your flower box, the health of your plants depends on the kind of care and attention you give.

Ideas and Tips On Flower Box Gardening

Gardening is one of the most interesting hobbies of all time. There are so many species of plants and shrubs that you can plant in your garden.  But when it comes to flower boxes your options are limited. However, you can still cultivate different varieties of plants and herbs in your boxes. You can also grow different types of flowering plants that are seasonal in nature. Listed below are some of the tips that can help you in enjoying your flower box gardening.

If you are having flower boxes, you will be having two choices to make. You can fill them with soil and start planting the seeds or plants directly into the boxes. Secondly, you have the option of placing small flower pots into these boxes and then planting different shrubs or orchids in these pots.

If you wish to have a single type of plant for the entire box, then it is better to do away with the pots. Fill your box with soil and mix with fertilizers before sowing the seeds or planting the plants.  This option will provide you with more space for your plants to grow.

For Different Varities

If you wish to plant different varieties of flowering plants, then it would be better to have separate pots for each variety. The reason is quite simple. Different plants have different potential when it comes to absorbing water and nutrients from the soil. So, if you plant different types of plants into a single box, some plants would absorb more nutrients and the rest of them would remain undernourished. This may retard the growth of the plants that are slow in absorbing water and nutrients. Hence, in such cases it is better to plant each variety of plant in different pots.

When you are having different plants in different pots you should be a bit careful about the placement of the pots. You should place plants with thorns a bit away from the plants that do not have any thorns. Usually while placing pots into a flower box, people tend to put the pots quite close to each other. If any of the plants have thorns it may hurt the nearby plants that doesn’t have any. So, it is better to either avoid the plants that have thorns or place them a bit away from the rest of the lot. If more than one plant has thorns on it, then it is alright to place them together. This is because plants or bushes that have thorns are sturdy enough to deal with the thorns.

Mud Pots

If you are planting in pots, it would be better if you could find pots made of mud instead of plastic. Mud pots allow more air passage. This would keep the soil well aerated. Mud pots can also help in balancing the temperature within the pot.

When you are planting a new plant into your pot or box, make sure that the soil at the bottom is loose and not crusty or dry. If the soil is too thick or dry, it would be difficult for the roots to extend and spread. So when you are planting any shrub, herb or plant make a hole which is a bit bigger than the size of the roots. Now put some soil into the hole such that the height of the plant above the soil is right. Then place the plant and slowly fill the surrounding. Before placing the plant you can even add a bit of fertilizer or manure. This would help the roots in growing faster.

making mud pot

Water and Diseases

After planting, you should pour some water so that the plants receive enough moisture from the soil.

Once you plant, do not forget to water the plants twice in a day. You should water during the morning hours and again in the evening. Do not water when the weather is too sunny. It would be better if you water the plants before 9 in the morning and after 5 in the evening.

When the plants are young you should check them regularly for any signs of fungal or bacterial growth. Microbes and harmful bacteria attack younger plants rather than the fully grown ones. If you find any sign of disease, cut off that area. This is essential to prevent the spread of disease and bacteria.

Certain plants require less water. If you provide more water to such plants they might die. Hence, it is necessary to study the nature of the plants before planting them.  Plants like rosemary, lambs ear and lavender are some of the best examples of this variety. These plants require less water. If you do not have much time for watering, choose these plants.

Just as there are plants that require less water, there are also some varieties that require lots of water. Make sure that you water such plants twice or thrice in a day. Impatiens and hibiscus are the best examples of such plants.

From Box to Garden

Once the plants in your pots or box have grown well, you can replace them and plant them in your lawn or garden. This would allow them to grow further. If you continue to keep them in the pots, they won’t grow much bigger. Nevertheless, they would still give fruits and flowers. However, if you replace them you can plant new plants in your pots. This is a great way to enjoy gardening and experiencing the fun of having new flowering plants in your flower box.

You can plant seasonal plants in your flower box or pots. If you have planted vegetables in your flower box, you can replace them once their fruit-bearing season gets over. You can replace them with new fruit-bearing or flowering plants. This is also a great way to retain the nutrients in the soil. Different plants require different types of nutrients. If you retain the same plant for more than 1 or 2 years, it might absorb the entire nutrient from the soil and eventually stop growing once the soil becomes deficient. However, if you are replacing it with a different plant, it would absorb different type of nutrients and thus allow the soil to remain fertile for a longer period.


If you wish to have a beautiful flower box, then do not forget to plant some creepers. Creepers would have their branches falling down or climbing through the railings. This would look more attractive. Some of the attractive creepers are Fraser Island, Heart Leaf and Lvy Leaf Geranium. Lvy Leaf Geranium is a great creeper for your window box.

Their branches grow around 4 to 6 feet in length. They bear colored flowers that blossom in clusters. As they grow bigger you should care for them and prune their tips regularly. This would help the plant in becoming thicker. This creeper would survive in both dry and moist climates.  These creepers come in different varieties that offer flowers of different colors like white, crimson, mauve, pink, red and orange. Mixed colors are also available. Golden Hop is also a creeper that can be planted in your window box. They climb down and grow in large bunches.

If you do not wish to have seasonal plants or if you are too lazy to replant your plants every fall and summer, then opt for evergreen varieties. The aforementioned Ivy Leaf Geranium, Heart Leaf and Fraser Island are all evergreen varieties.

When you are planting creepers there is a good chance that they might climb down all the way to the land. If you do not wish to have too long creepers, keep trimming them from one end. This would help the creepers in spreading faster. As they spread wildly keep pruning them whenever you feel necessary.

Organic Fertilizer

If your plants are not bearing enough flowers, try to feed them with some organic fertilizer. Chemical fertilizers are too strong for your pot plants and they are not safe for the residents of your home. Window boxes are easily accessible to kids and pets. So, it is unsafe to add chemical fertilizers that strong in nature. Organic fertilizers are made of organic substances like vegetable wastes and weeds.

You can also prepare organic fertilizers at your home by using different types of foodstuffs. For instance, a mixture of eggshells and tea powder is a great fertilizer for roses. You can also mix different types of uncooked vegetable wastes including their skin and make a rich organic fertilizer.

Keep a close watch for pests. If your plants are attacked by pests try to get some organic pesticides. You can make organic pesticides at your home by mixing jalapeño pepper, onions, dish soap and garlic cloves. Make a paste of all these items and mix with water. Spray this mixture on the plants using a spray bottle.

You can also make organic pesticides with the help of Neem leaves. Crushed Neem leaves mixed in water is a strong pest repellent. Read more about natural pest control here.

Replacing Soil

Once in a year you need to replace the soil. This is a messy affair but it would help the plants in becoming healthier. After a year or two the soil in your pots would become highly deficient in essential nutrients and minerals. Hence, it is advisable to replace the old soil rather than recurrently mixing it with more and more fertilizers. You should loosen the soil around the plants and slowly uproot the plants without hurting their roots or stems. Replace the soil in the pots and fill them with new rich soil. Add some water and fertilizer and then slowly place the plants back.

It would be better if you fix a sunshade over your window. The afternoon rays of the sun are quite strong and if they fall directly on the plants they might dry up soon. In order to protect your plants you should have a shade which is 1 to 2 feet in width.

Water the plants near the roots and spray the leaves and flowers with water using a sprayer. Certain plants need more water while some require less water. You should be able to identify the needs of each plant you have in your flower box. Accordingly, you should water them once or twice in a day.

How To Build A Flower Box?

There are different ways to build a box. Most people opt to buy these boxes from a nearby store; however, some people prefer building their own boxes. If you have many flower pots at your home then you can build a small flower box and have it installed outside your window to hold 3 to 4 pots.

For building a flower box you need some wooden planks and a few brackets. You would also need the tools that are used for fixing the brackets and the wooden planks.

First you should measure the length of your window. Accordingly, you should cut out your wooden board. You should nail the brackets carefully under your window. Make sure to measure the height of your flower pots before you fix the brackets. You should leave enough space for the flower pots when you are placing the brackets.

Once the brackets are in place you should fix the wooden board over the brackets. Instead of wooden board you can make a box for a more secure arrangement.

For constructing a box you would need more wooden planks. Measure the length of your window and size of your flower pots before building your box. Give proper measurements and cut the wooden planks using a saw. Nail all the planks into place so that your box becomes sturdy enough.

Once your box is ready you can place it on your brackets. Make sure that your brackets are bit wider than the width of your flower box.

For More Information

You can check online for more instructions on making a flower box. You can also find online video tutorials that can be truly helpful if you are planning to create your own flower box.

If you wish to plant your plants directly into your flower box, it would be better to buy a box rather than making it.  Buy it from a dealer who deals in wholesale gardening and lawn-care products. This is the easiest way to get a quality flower box at a reasonable rate.

You can even buy flower boxes from online stores. There are quite a few sites that sell such stuffs at cheap rates. While browsing if you find anything that suits your imagination do not hesitate to order online.

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